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A question your business should never ask …

“Why would we need a website?” These statements often quickly follow this question: “We’re busy enough,” or “We’ve never needed one in the past”. Being so immersed in the web and marketing I often forget there are still businesses out there that refuse to acknowledge that the web is here to stay and that older methods that customers and clients might have used to contact a business are going the way of the dinosaur.… Continue Reading

So you really want affordable web design?

A Google search brings up over 10 million results for the phrase, “affordable web design”. Most likely because of 2 factors: that’s a legitimate phrase a person seeking the service of web design might enter, and there’s a large amount of individuals and companies who offer web design who believe that “affordable” is what will pull in the most potential clients.… Continue Reading

Social Media is All About Engagement

Number of fans and followers …

If you’re posting once a week or less to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or posting only announcements or info about your business, you might also notice that you don’t have very many followers or fans. There’s three bits of information that I’d like to share with you on this.… Continue Reading

Why Your Restaurant Actually Needs a Website

While on a trip recently, I was using my phone to try to find menus of some of the restaurants I saw in town. This happened to be a small coastal town but known for tourism, so there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. Several of the ones I looked up did not have an actual website of their own.… Continue Reading

Why the Cheapest Website Might Not Be Best for Your Business

“And that’s the last time that I use someone ‘cheaper’ to upgrade a few odds-and-ends around the site for me. My lesson has officially been learned.”

I received the quote above from a client who needed a contact form on her site fixed. After paying “someone cheap”, the form didn’t function right.… Continue Reading

The high cost of “free” when it comes to web design.

Having actually lived through the first wave of “free” websites (think Geocities, etc.) I figured another wave would come around. It’s not like all these types of services ever fully went away, it’s just that a new surge in popularity is happening. I’ve even seen tv commercials for 2 or 3 different services now.… Continue Reading

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