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Logo And Product Manual Design

The CEO of The Body Archer is a long time client of ours that we've enjoyed working with on a number of projects over the years. We were brought in to create the logo. We were excited to get in on the ground level, so to speak, with creating all of the visual branding for this new (and pretty awesome) product. The logo served to set the tone with a very simple, almost Zen-like vibe. So when it came to additional pieces, we had a pretty clear direction of where we wanted to take it. Clean and modern was the key (and worked wonderfully with the product imagery itself). Since this was a brand new product going to market, we knew that the first impression needed to be great.

custom graphic design

Don't just take our word for it – read what our clients say:

JVM client

"We have worked with the JV Media creative team for many years on various web site and logo design projects. They are our number one choice… actually, our only choice whenever we need ideas that truly rock! Their latest logo and design for our Body Archer product has already generated a huge complimentary response and we know that our success will be largely the result of that very critical brand name recognition that the JV Media team has created for us." – Robert Wald, CEO

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