How to Improve Your Website’s Visibility with Great User Interface Design

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In today’s industry of growing interfaces, user interface design (UI) has become more and more important. UI is vital for websites because users should be able to easily navigate and find what they’re looking for quickly. Ignoring the importance of UI can result in a difficult-to-use site that people will not return to.

Overall, great UI design strives to bring a positive experience to users that keep them loyal to your brand. So it’s important to always know who your users are and to put yourself in their shoes. What they need and want should be built into your design. Meaningful user interface design will also help to generate more site traffic, and increase your search engine rank (SEO).

Luckily, there are web design companies, such as JVM Design, that can improve your website’s visibility by implementing a sophisticated user interface design strategy.

A web designer will be sure to create an effective landing page for your company’s website that will emphasize only important information without overwhelming visitors.

In addition, the designer will make sure navigation across the website is easy for your visitors and will refine the content on your site to make it more accessible.

Create an Effective Landing Page

An effective landing page is the foundation of successful online marketing. Without a stellar landing page, your business is bound to suffer as users tend to leave a site they are not completely engaged with.

It is first important to create a landing page that does not overwhelm your visitor and it should concentrate on only important information.

For example, your landing page should have minimalist aspects but also include an interesting, eye-catching design. This eye-catching design can be coupled with relevant images and graphics that keep your visitors intrigued.

Keep in mind; Google considers the bounce rate to be the percentage of visitors that go to a specific site only to “bounce” away after only viewing that individual webpage. Accordingly, with a poor landing page, your bounce rate is bound to increase, therefore decreasing your website’s visibility. 

Make Navigating Easy

Another key to increasing your website’s visibility with a sophisticated user interface design strategy is making sure the navigation of your website is easy and seamless.

A difficult to navigate website will decrease the number of visitors to your site, therefore decreasing its visibility.

A key to making site navigation easy is creating simple to understand menus that are not too long or convoluted. You should also incorporate simple headings throughout your site.

The headings in your site introduce key aspects of your company, therefore, they should be easy to comprehend and straight to the point. It is in your best interest to use simple words and images to create buttons users can click to move around the site.

Users stay on a site longer if they can easily maneuver through the different pages they are looking for. Google values a site more if users spend time on it as this indicates your site was relevant to the search.

Overall, these specific design aspects will make navigation easier for your visitors.

Refine Content

Lastly, your business should refine the content on your website so as to improve your website’s visibility.

The first step to refining your content is making sure you only include necessary pages on your website. In this way, you will not have years of old information in accessible archives.

Instead, you can fill this space by incorporating high-quality visuals. These visuals will be sure to keep your visitors impressed and intrigued with the content on your site.

It is also important to remember not to offer too many options for visitors to click on. This will overwhelm them. You should only keep articles and content that provide value to your company.

As well, while links may boost SEO, irrelevant and overly promoted content can be considered spam. Therefore, it is important to make sure Google weighs all of your content as valuable by only including relevant links to your site. 

Good UI Increases Search Engine Rank

Overall, a sophisticated user interface design strategy can increase your search engine rank and help boost SEO by providing a great experience to all visitors who enter your website.

As mentioned above, there are key aspects to creating great user interface design.

First, your site should sport an effective landing page that emphasizes only important information, so as to not overwhelm its visitors.

Second, your site should be easily navigable and simple to use.

Third, you must be sure to refine the content on your site to make it relevant to your visitors.

Incorporating these aspects into your site will ensure you have a great user interface design strategy that boosts your website’s visibility.

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