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I see countless of blog posts written concern “the best” WordPress plugins to use for SEO, among other things so I figured we might as well jump on that ourselves.

Although we don’t offer in house SEO now we did years ago. We just don’t have the staff to accommodate it since it can be a full time job in and of itself but we have kept up on the, “tricks of the trade” so to speak. We’ve found that WordPress is an excellent platform for SEO. We also consult our clients on how to get the most bang for their buck in the SEO world and we augment our consulting with things like setting up WordPress with the proper plug ins to enhance your online visibility (or if we’re not doing WordPress, just creating nice clean code with optimized content, meta tags, title tags etc.).

While some may argue this point, SEO is really just marketing. It’s a method for optimizing your site for online marketing and marketing doesn’t come with a set guarantee on ROI. This is why I always mention if any consultant or company guarantees specific placement in engines or directories, consider them questionable. Some “tactics” utilized by unscrupulous parties can actually get a URL banned from an engine. Everything we advise is of course fully, “above board” and are the, “tried and true” methods in use by legitimate companies.

The difference of course between our company and a specialized SEO company is in the time. Why those specialized companies will charge thousands of dollars for a campaign is for research and exploration, copy writing, Google Adwords campaigns, etc. While we offer an abbreviated version of that, we still have had returnable success.

For WordPress SEO, we usually use the following plugins:

  1. Google Anyalytics – ties into your analytics account to give you stats right from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. XML Sitemap Generator – creates a site map automatically that is submitted to Google and other engines that read XML sitemaps.
  3. SEO Ultimate or Greg’s High Performance SEO – in addition to utilizing a plug in like these we would also make sure images throughout the site have relevant alt tags. We also make sure to set up “SEO friendly” links.
  4. SEO Smart Links – links keywords and phrases in your posts with other posts.
  5. SEO Slugs – removes common words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from post slugs to improve search engine optimization.
  6. Keyword Statistic – checks the content of posts/pages for the keyword density.
  7. Rank Reporter – choose your keywords and urls and this plugin will track your Google rankings every 3 days and report the data in an easy-to-read graph.
  8. Ping Optimizer – saves your blog from “pinging” too many times (which could get you marked as a ping spammer).
  9. Robots Meta – good plugin to control all the ‘bots.
  10. Nofollow – offers you a way to decide on nofollow links case by case (you don’t want links on your blog to any unsavory sites after all!).
  11. Zemanta – this can be helpful when doing blog posts to link to external “authority” sites. We don’t always install this one, just depends on the client’s marketing strategy.
  12. Redirection – this is helpful if you have an existing site with any pages indexed

And of course when utilized properly the blogging system itself can be a great asset to online marketing.

We also use social media and “sharing” plugins on the site. Additionally, we can handle social media campaigns if a client does not have someone in house to handle that.

Lastly, we also make sure your WordPress is streamlined and pages load quickly (which, believe it or not, is actually a factor with some engines) with additional plugins such as:

  1. Revision control
  2. Super Cache

The best part is if you did choose to hire a specialized firm just to help with SEO or a Google Adwords campaign, everything would be in place already since WordPress is a very workable system.

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