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It’s never a good idea to put off the holiday marketing plans for your small business. Large companies have been on it since September (and planning it all year), but there’s still time to come up with some great ideas that will help your small business stand out this holiday season. 

Here’s some quick tips to help your business rock the holidays this year, even if you haven’t had a lot of time to plan.

#1 Don’t Jump the Gun


Christmas items are put out at the end of summer. Retailers now do “door buster” and “black Friday” sales weeks, if not months, before they used to. Cartoons and memes are shared all over social media in protest to the onslaught. Back in the day, Christmas promotions, advertising, and decorating didn’t start until at least the day after Thanksgiving. In 2015, the backlash was noticed by a number of national retailers who opted to actually close their doors on Thanksgiving so people could enjoy the day with their families rather than deal with thousands of consumers trying to get a deal. 

So here’s where small business can really rock. Take some time for each holiday. It’s October, so come up with some creative Halloween-themed marketing ideas. Don’t even think about putting a turkey onto something until November 1st and definitely don’t bust out any Christmas promotions or decorations until at least November 25th. Actually close your business on holidays. Show people that you not only appreciate each holiday for what it is, but you care about the people who work for you as well as customers. People will notice. People might even smile and tell their friends to go support a business who is on the same page as they are when it comes to holidays. 

#2 Get Creative

Get into the spirit of each holiday and get creative with your marketing. If Halloween is coming up, by all means utilize imagery from that holiday in your promotions – much like we came up with some Halloween themed email blasts for a client of ours. 


Play off things associated with the holiday and make it fun.

If you have a physical location, have a Trick-or-Treat sale for Halloween. Print up discount amounts on orange paper and have a plastic jack-o-lantern at the checkout. Customers reach in and grab a paper and that’s what their discount is. 

You could also host a little holiday-themed party at your location. Combine the party with a “flash” sale (a sale on merchandise or services just during the party). If you happen to be in a location with other local businesses close by, team up and have a block party or run cross promotions with other businesses. Don’t forget to decorate. 


If your business is strictly online or more service-based, you can still come up with creative ways to entertain and engage your potential audience. Here’s a few more ideas that can be applied to holiday marketing:

#3 Don’t Forget the Basics

While coming up with your holiday marketing ideas, don’t forget some marketing basics such as: 

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