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After doing what we do for a couple decades now, we've amassed quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing, and doing better business. The purpose of the JVM blog is to share this knowledge with small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you have a request for a particular topic or would like to be a guest author, please get in contact.

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The high cost of “free” when it comes to web design.

Having actually lived through the first wave of “free” websites (think Geocities, etc.) I figured another wave would come around. It’s not like all these types of services ever fully went away, it’s just that a new surge in popularity is happening. I’ve even seen tv commercials for 2 or 3 different services now.

First rule of free: you get what you pay for.

Companies throughout the years have offered free website builders and free [...]

Your website is not a daffodil.

It may seem a bit non sequitur but today while walking around outside and admiring the bright yellow daffodils that started blooming last week it made me think about how incredibly easy and maintenance free those particular flowers are. Since I design websites my next thought was how so many people kind of treat their business website like a daffodil.

When it comes to your business, don’t stretch the truth.

I receive a lot of marketing email daily. Most of it is complete spam (and oftentimes its only usefulness is a few laughs). The other day I received a message from a mailing list I joined quite some time ago and happened to click through to the interview just to see what it was all about.

You are responsible for saving your files.

In the last month I had several clients from the past (and I don't mean just the past year, I mean 5+ years ago) contact me and ask for design or logo files. For one, I actually happened to have files on an old storage drive, but that was just pure luck.

The truth about WordPress security …

If you've been developing websites in the last couple years it's hard to miss what some people will say about using Wordpress as your content management system: "It's not secure". Likewise, if you've been exploring getting a website built you may have encountered conflicting information about Wordpress from a variety of sources. In this article I'll discuss the truth about the security of this content management system, the top reasons why Wordpress sites become insecure, and how to maintain the security of your Wordpress site once it's live on the web.

How to Find the Best Web Designer

While hanging out on Quora recently I noticed quite a few people asking the question, "how to find a web designer?" I've seen the same question other places around the web and can understand how daunting the task of finding a good designer can be. Whether you're an individual or a business you've taken the first step in realizing how a professional designer can help you but now you have no idea how to find one.

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