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After doing what we do for a couple decades now, we've amassed quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to design, marketing, and doing better business. The purpose of the JVM blog is to share this knowledge with small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you have a request for a particular topic or would like to be a guest author, please get in contact.

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Business Mistakes: Why Discourage Sales?

I've blogged before about how you shouldn't badmouth your own business, but I want to follow up another example of how giving the impression that you're desperate can damage your bottom line.

Website Maintenance: Do It or Ignore It?

Launching a new website is an accomplishment, but it's not the end of the story. All websites need ongoing maintenance and regular content updates to remain an effective business tool. The problem is, will your new website actually get the maintenance and updates it needs?

In web design, there really is no fold.

The phrase, "above the fold" is still used quite a bit in website design and layout. Keeping important content above this imaginary "fold" is something many people have heard and continue to believe, even though the phrase is an old newspaper term for keeping the main story headline or important photograph at the top half of the paper, above where the paper is folded in half. To me, there never was and never will be a "fold" in a website. Semantics aside, this article explores why even the notion of a "fold" is misleading and a better way to approach the inherent issue when creating or redesigning a website.

PSA Web Design Posters

We're very proactive over here at JVM in educating people that web and graphic design is a real profession that requires training, skill, talent, and experience. Expecting designers to work for next to nothing (or for free), expecting them to give discounts, etc. is disrespectful to the profession and to the designer. Many people would never say such things to other professionals in the service industry and these PSA (Public Service Announcement) posters illustrate that point.

Why you need to care about mobile users.

I recently came across this article, "20 Mind-Blowing Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know" while browsing Twitter and wanted to elaborate on some of the statistics. We provide mobile and responsive web design, however a lot of folks are still under the impression that the mobile market doesn't matter. Hopefully this article and the statistics presented will change some perceptions and inform you as to why you should care about mobile users.

Small Business Advice: The Only One Who Should Run Your Business Is You

There's no shortage of good advice for small business owners. There's no shortage of bad advice either. The internet has provided an explosion of coaches, gurus, consultants, and "experts".

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