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Easily manage and update your website.

For specific functionality and ease of updating or expanding, a content management system (CMS) is a great choice.

JVM is not a, "one size fits all" company. Although many clients ask for a CMS, we try to determine if it makes the most sense for their needs first. When it does, we go with WordPress.

Why WordPress is the reigning king of content management systems...

WordPress is the content management system currently used by over 60% of websites using CMS systems and that roughly amounts to over 33% of all the website on the internet (source). If someone's told you that it's just a "blogging system", they're wrong. We've been using WordPress for over 10 years now and still find it the most flexible and well-maintained CMS out there.

You Have Options

Functionality and the ability to grow with you ...

WordPress is the top CMS for a reason. The core of the system is stable and the basic admin is quick to learn and easy to use. It can also handle complex functionality with the use of added plugins. Best of all, when you work with JVM, you're not pigeonholed into a pre-made theme.

We'll work with you on a custom design, and then program a custom theme to integrate that design into WordPress. This is a great way to ensure that your website is exactly how you want it.

Robust can be a plus with medium and larger sites, and for smaller or informational business sites, WordPress can easily grow with the needs of your business.

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Don't just take our word for it—read what our clients say:

JVM client ARM"We decided on a streamlined approach, creating a WordPress site with a homepage focused exclusively on booking. We saw a 30% increase from our booking page after working with JV Media, so for us that was huge."

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