Photography Services

Small product photography and location photography in Oregon.

High quality, custom photos can go a long way in your marketing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Just be sure the pictures you use on your marketing pieces and website are saying the right words.

Small Product Photography

Trying product photography on your own can be hit or miss at best and potentially cost your hours that would be best utilized doing something else. Why take the chance? Ensure your product looks great to your potential customers.

product photography

Business Location Photography in Oregon

You may have had great luck snapping some photos around your business and posting those on instagram with a nice filter, but when it comes to printed marketing materials or your business website, it's best to hire a pro. While the right stock image can go a long way, nothing beats personal photos.

Get Personal

About Our Photographer

Our Creative Direcor, Sherry Holub, has a heavy background in both artistic and professional photography. Sherry's first job in the photographic arts was assistant at a portrait studio. After obtaining a BA in Studio Art from UCLA School of Art and launching JVM back in 1995, Sherry continued to persue digital photography and frequently used images for client work. In 2012, small product photography was added as a service for existing clients. Contact us with your exact photography needs and Sherry will be happy to provide a custom quote.

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