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Design is a part of your branding. Don't entrust it to just anyone.

Entrepreneur.com defines branding as:

The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.

Not a bad general definition. But think of your company branding as everything. Everything you do, everything you say, every aspect of your company, all of your marketing and design ... it's all part of your overall brand and it's all telling your overall story. Your brand is not only how you see and define your company, but also how others do. Pretty big deal, huh?

Most clients that hire us already have established at least some of their overall branding. Once we understand where you've been and where you're at, we're better equipped to take you to the next level or to reinvent all or part of your branding.

If you're a brand new company, you're starting at the proverbial square one, and we love to get in on square one. There's still a lot of research involved, but the hard work pays off when you can confidently start your marketing on the right foot.

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Brand Identity and Visual Branding

You've probably heard the term, "brand identity" or "identity package" somewhere along the line. A logo is part of your brand identity and visual branding. So is a website, your letterhead and graphic design for printed materials, signs, etc. It's typefaces, colors, imagery, and all those seemingly small and unimportant nuances that go into your overall design. Important things to note here are that your identity is consistent and unified. It should also be flexible enough to be applied to all the various aspects of your overall brand.

Custom Logo Design

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Our logo design process is very similar to our overall design process. We take the time to learn about you, your company, your target audience, and what may set you apart from others in your industry. We want to tap into what makes you, you. Only after the research phase do we move on to actually sketching out some logo concepts. Once we are hooked into the right concept, we'll start exploring typefaces (fonts) and colors. Your finalized logo will be a great part of your overall branding.

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JVM client Erndo"I hired them to accomplish a branding process for my company that involved the production of logo, slogan, print materials, and visual style guide. Communication was excellent, the quality of work was excellent, and working with them was a very enjoyable and professional experience. I intend to use them again in the future for our branding and design needs and absolutely recommend them to anyone else looking for the services they offer. They will not disappoint you and will work hard and diligently to make sure you are totally satisfied with the project you've hired them for."

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