Custom Web Design

for Triathlon and Endurance Coaches as well as Personal Fitness Trainers and Studios

You train individuals to be their best - we help you to look your best on the web.

A Stress Free Process

You're busy training and helping your clients reach their fitness goals right? We're guessing you probably don't have a ton of time to learn how to put up a website and do all your own marketing, and that's where we can take a load of stress off you!

Whether you're a one-person operation, or a growing operation, we'll get to know you and your training approach, what makes you unique, and the exact clients you want to connect with. Our services are all customized to each client's needs and goals. Read more about our strategic process and 4 cornerstones of service here.

What our clients have to say ...

"Anyone can create their own website these days. Most people however, are not skilled web designers, and I definitely fell into that category! My self-designed site looked, well, like a self-designed site. It was just words with random pictures thrown about on a generic template. I was probably better off not having a web presence at all. I knew I needed major help, and that's when I got lucky. Sherry and her team at JV Media Design transformed my site from rag-tag to ultra-professional, almost overnight! Now I am constantly getting compliments on it." – Jeff Boyer, BA Multisport

Some of our work ...

It's always helpful to know that a company already has experience working within your industry. Here is an example of the website we created for Barracuda Tri.

Personal Trainer Web Design

Click here to view the live site.

The following are some of our real client reviews from Google over the years.

Google Reviews

Are you a good fit for us?

Relationships are a two-way street and the clients we have the most successful relationships with are those who are committed to their projects and the work we're doing together. We may be doing all the "heavy lifting" when it comes to the actual graphic design, but you are the expert in your business. Each initial project does require a realistic budget, focus, time, and attention from our clients as well. If you're ready to commit then ...

let's get to know each other.

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