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A new design to better reflect the TR!CKSTER brand.

With this project the client was using a default install of the WordPress content management system with a canned theme. Before we started, we evaluated what was going on to make the administration and management so unfriendly. We were able to customize the admin with a fresh install, making sure that updates were no longer going to be a problem. We also knew we needed to come up with something unique for the design of this Berkeley, CA gallery and shop whose goal is to, "showcase, promote, and share talent and ideas in the fields of comics, graphic arts and beyond." The result is something fun and creative that really reflects TR!CKSTER much better than the previous version of the site. We created a custom WordPress theme with the design and set the admin up in a way that was even easier to use than what they previously had.

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Don't just take our word for it—read what our client said:

JVM client"Fan-frickin'-TASTIC!"

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