WordPress Maintenance

Stop worrying about your WordPress website! Let us do that ...

From minor edits, to security, to major additions, JVM provides timely and effective WordPress maintenance to keep you sailing along, trouble-free.

Many companies think that once they have a website up, they can sit back and relax as this online marketing tool does all the work, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

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We Got You

Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance. Wouldn't it be easier to have someone else worry about it?

Worry-free Website Maintenance

WordPress is a great CMS choice when frequent updates need to be made to content, or when ecommerce or other functionality is needed. However, if you're not performing monthly maintenance, backups, and updates to the WordPress core and plugins, you're leaving your website open for potential issues. Almost every hack we have seen (and fixed) on a WordPress site is due to poor or non-existent website maintenance.

Think about this ...

It's far more expensive to fix and restore a hacked site than it is to keep up on monthly maintenance. In fact, our monthly maintenance will typically cost you less than 1 fancy coffee a day!

Besides hacking and other security issues, we can make sure your WordPress website works properly and doesn't break. We can also be on-call for content updates when you're too busy doing what you do best – running your business.

What's Included with our monthly WordPress maintenance?

Website Maintenance On Regular Websites

A business may take all the right steps when creating a professional website, but then completely ignore it once it's live. Remember, your website is a key piece of online marketing for your business and it needs to evolve with you and work for you.

Here are some updates that can fall under website maintenance on non-WordPress sites:

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JVM client Kovacs"Their customer service is outstanding. JVM has gone above and beyond to create an ongoing relationship with our company. Once our site was complete, the follow-up didn't stop. I am extremely happy with this company and the relationship and would highly recommend them."

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