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"JVM Design truly cares about our process, our success, and our people."

–Shawn Neel, MS, LMFT

Welcome to different. After working for 20+ years with so many clients, we've zeroed in on the top 4 things that make us stand out from the pack.

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Fun Fact: When people find us, they know they've struck gold. 70% of our current client base has been with us 5 or more years and over 90% of new clients continue to work with us.

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JVM Design Client

“It's hard to find a company with a genuine interest in promoting the health of another company. JVM Design truly cared about our process, our success, and our people. Their personal touch separated them from the rest, and their pride showed that their work wasn't just business. They cared about what they put into the world. They proved that focusing on the client creates a self-sustaining synergy of outcomes. I refer everyone I know to them.”

Shawn Neel, Owner & Clinical Director, The Institute for Relational Well-Being

JVM Design Client

“I've been a JV Media client for 20+ years. They built my very first website and have redesigned it over the years. I love their work. They are thorough, creative and fast. Many times when they come up with new ideas for me, they reinvigorate all aspects of my business. If you want great custom work for a reasonable price (and why wouldn't you?), you will love JVM.”

Lis Lewis, The Singers Workshop

JVM Design Client

“As our marketing and business development needs changed, JV Media has been there with us all along providing the marketing products we need to grow. We have been overwhelming pleased with the creativity of the JV Media staff, their customer service, and competitive pricing. We consider JVM a business partner we trust and rely on.”

Andrew Scott, Scott Roberts and Associates

JVM Design Client

“You guys are awesome! It's been such a comfort to have you on our side to see us through our challenges. You saw what we needed and executed it better than we could have ever hoped. Thank you!”

Donna Keib, Kovacs Ice Drilling Equipment

We don't just build websites — we build relationships.

When it comes to choosing a company to create or redesign your website, to help you with marketing, and to provide supporting services, it can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of fish in the sea, as they say. So if you've landed here and are trying to figure out if we might be be a good fit for you, we thank you for the consideration! We're pretty hands-on and we specialize in personalized service.

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