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The Conundrum of Old Tech (aka, what do with your old computers, phones, etc.)

I’m convinced that no company out there wants people to be able to use older computers or software, even if they’re still working fine.

I get the money-making angle for software companies. They have to stay in business and in order to do so, most have moved to subscription based models. As software is constantly updated for the latest operating systems, the technology that runs those operating systems (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even [...]

What Do You Do and Who Do You Do It For – Uncovering the Keys to Your Brand

Brand can be a really fuzzy concept. Plenty of small business owners think that brand = their logo. They’re not necessarily wrong, since a logo is part of an overall brand. But what many don’t know is that their overall brand is a whole lot more. What I hope to break down in this article is explain a little bit more about what is included in an overall brand as well as how to get [...]

How to Get Your Website Back from a Previous Developer

When creating a website, some developers will purchase the domain and host the site as part of their services with their client. Over the years, we’ve noticed that this can cause issues when a client chooses to move on from that developer. I’ll explain how the process works and then what to do to regain control of your website when you choose to move on.

First, let’s start with some very basic info that you [...]

Web Terminology: The Favicon and Why It’s Important

If you don’t know what a favicon is, don’t worry, you’re not alone! However, chances are you’ve at least seen them while browsing around the internet. A little history … Believe it or not, the internet was devoid of favicons until the spring of 1999, when Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5 – the first web browser to support them ...

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