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Handle With Care: Mixing Business and Religion

I grew up in a time when the old rule "never mention religion and politics in polite conversation" still held. The line "attend the church or synagogue of your choice" was about as close as you got. Friends or family could fight it out till the cows came home, but outside the church and the home, reticence and neutrality were the order of the day. As society becomes more varied and open to different beliefs, we might want to consider bringing back that attitude.

Naming Your Business is No Joke

T. S Eliot was right in saying that naming a cat isn't a holiday game. Neither is naming your business. The worst thing you can do is to grab the first name that comes to mind. You need to take it slowly, research if fully, and ask for advice. If you don't, and you make a mistake, you might be stuck with a name that will do more harm than good.

Online Shopping Carts: Know What You’re Getting Into

Let's be honest. You're not Etsy. You're not Macy's. You're a small business. A custom programmed site, like theirs, with all the bells and whistles, is going to cost several hundred thousand dollars. It would also require a full IT department running 24/7 to keep it working.

The Devil’s in the Details: How Church Websites Can Go Wrong

My favorite hobby is architectural photography, especially church architecture. In the past few years, I've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of church websites. For every one that's impressed me, I see a dozen that range from blah to awful. The sheer number of badly designed church websites has had me pondering one question. Why?

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