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Natural health providers face unique challenges in crafting a healthy website. For one, many modalities can be hard to explain to someone who many be new to them. There may also be some hesitation from some potential clients, like in the case of acupuncture and needles. So it’s important to be clear, professional, and be able to head off any concerns right away.

Web disclaimers are also essential to avoid problems with the FDA and FTC. You have to avoid making claims that your services or any products you sell can cure diseases and you can’t refer to a patient-physician relationship unless you’re a medical doctor.

Here are 6 solid tips that can help you overcome difficulties like these and build a website that’s as healthy as your clients.

Tip 1: Make sure visitors can understand what you do within a few seconds of arriving at your site.

While nearly everyone has been to a medical doctor, not everyone has consulted an energy worker or an acupuncturist. Some websites attempt to define their services, but the website is so cluttered and confusing that the potential client can’t easily access that definition. Others assume people already know what they do. Create a website that makes your services easy to understand and potential clients begin to take you seriously.

Tip 2: Use marketing language that doesn’t violate FDA rules.

The main purpose of your website is to sell your services. Sure, you want everyone to be healthy, but they won’t choose you as their provider and may not even opt for natural health services unless you convince them it’s in their best interests. At the same time, you have to tread lightly to ensure you aren’t stepping outside of FDA rules. Check out the FDA guidelines for products.

Tip 3: Use a lead magnet to build your email list.

A lead magnet is something you offer site visitors in exchange for their email address. It can be an ebook, a natural health checklist, a tip sheet or anything else that can attract their attention. Then, send the people on your email list marketing messages that entice them to become regular clients.

Tip 4: Put your contact information where website visitors can find it.

What if a visitor is interested in your services? Is it easy for them to contact you? You usually have a very short window of opportunity to get them that information while they’re in the mood to move forward. If you don’t get it to them, they won’t be able to book with you, so what’s the point of your website? If you want to make it really easy for them, add online booking to your site. Services like provide a great way to do this. Clients can easily schedule appointments and pay online. And now, they’re committed to their appointment with you.

Tip 5: Place real testimonials on your site.

Testimonials are crucial for natural health providers. Since your services aren’t as common as others, people may resist becoming a client. You say you can help them. You say you’re a knowledgeable nutritionist or a skilled massage therapist. But, how do they really know unless they try you out? One way is to see what others say in client reviews. If the review is negative, you can deal with it in a professional way. If it’s positive, so much the better. Either way, potential clients will have proof that what you say about yourself is true and real.

Tip 6: Create an FDA-friendly website.

If you need a disclaimer on your website, find out what it must contain. Unless you have personal knowledge of what you need, it may be best to consult a lawyer. We did fine this legal blog on website disclaimers that covers the basics. You also need to make certain that every word on your site complies with FDA rules. Otherwise the FDA could hassle you until you take it down.

The wrap up …

Creating an excellent website that brings new clients through your doors may seem like a monumental task, but knowing how to make your site “healthy” from the get go can be a real benefit. You just need to carefully but persuasively explain your services, make sure you follow any guidelines/disclaimers, give potential clients proof of what you do, show potential clients how to make their first appointment with you, and then deliver on your promises. When you do it right, your website will be a marvelous asset that helps you avoid legal troubles and grow your business quickly.

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